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Fulfill your customers’ expectations by having a fully responsive website which looks stunning on desktop, tablet and mobile. Or better still give them the option to download your mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.


We aim to make great looking websites affordable for small businesses and accessible for customers on any type of device. To achieve the ultimate customer experience, have us create a mobile app to make those push-notes really come alive and increase your ROI!

It has been shown that customers actually prefer the use of mobile apps over the mobile web. Mobile apps also offer the exciting opportunity for a business to market to their customers at any time through push notifications and other interactive features.

Small businesses need to be thinking about both! App v mobile site infographic.

Key Features of Responsive websites:

  • Mobile websites are great for customer acquisition.
  • We design FULLY-RESPONSIVE websites which look great on ALL devices
  • No extra updating for you: you update ONCE for all devices and it is done!
  • No extra software/hardware investment for you
  • Affordable (see below)
  • Packages available for updating

Key features of Mobile apps:

  • Cost-effective
  • Fully customised for your business
  • Live updating

Mobile apps are also great for customer loyalty through:

  • Interactive features
  • Push notifications
  • Robust mobile experience

Pricing options:

Design and set up – 2015 Q2 Offer

  • Mobile App: £1990 [one-off cost for creating and publishing on iTunes and Google Play]
  • Maintenance: from £250 per month. This is our “We Do Everything For You” proposition. All your updates are included!

Please note: there is a hosting/content management charge for apps on iTunes of £15 per month. There are no hosting charges for apps on Google Play, just a content management charge of £10 per month. This will be included in your monthly payment so there is nothing extra to pay.


We fully manage your mobile app, including hosting, updates and revisions. Check out our commitment to you

  • Example for Mobile App: £250 per month or £2500 for a year
  • Includes the app hosting fee
  • Covers up to 12 updates per year on Android AND iTunes

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